OpenHFT is a series of components, written in Java by Peter Lawrey, that are purportedly useful for latency-sensitive systems, specifically financial systems. An introductory video presentation is here. Slides for the presentation can be found here. Source is on github.

The presentation moves along fairly slowly but none-the less it's worth a viewing. The major points raised by the speaker include:

i) the performance benefits of shared-memory (and off-heap data structures);
ii) promotion of his low-latency, high-throughput logging system, Chronical.

The metrics on Chronical do look decent but I have to wonder why you wouldn't use the free version of kdb for such a task.

The other thing to keep in mind is that low-latency Java requires programmers to think and act like good C++ programmers which means the argument for using Java because there are more programmers to choose from isn't strictly true.

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