When asked about assigned tasks as the delivery deadline approaches, I've heard more than one developer reply with the mantra "You can have it done right, or you can have it done right now". What they are telling you is that the quality of the technical work they are doing is going to be greatly diminished if the time window they have to complete it is not sufficient.

If you think about it, the same logic applies to business decisions. Those making the decisions can weight up the risk associated with a bad decision and take a view as to how much thought process needs to go into the decision process. If the risk is minimal, because the work done to effect the decision made is easily reversible and not destructive to the product's or company's established goodwill, then a quick decision is warranted.

If the ramifications of the decision are significant and not easily reversible then more time and effort can be afforded to the decision making process. It may be necessary to expend resources to test the waters with a new feature, or prototype an application, or consult outside specialist help. Whatever it is you need to do to gather more information and reduce the risk you should do it - but don't let the process drag on for ages. Any company or manager can be decisive and make decisions and form opinions quickly but the companies that beat the crowd are, more often than not, the firms that ultimately make the "right" decisions more often. Of course, if you can do that quickly you're already one step ahead. After all, you won't know you've made a bad decision until you've actually made a decision and moved forward with it!